4Patriots Emergency Food Supply - 72-Hour Survival Kit - 25-Year Shelf Life - 16 Servings



Product description

Made in USA & Good for Up To 25 Years Delicious veggies & grains are the starting point for the meals in your 72-Hour Survival Food Kit. We choose foods we’d be proud to serve our own families. Picture the mouthwatering foods you’d see at your local market. Then freshness and flavor gets sealed in with state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology. Next, an advanced-engineered, American-made packing machine packs your meals into resealable Mylar pouches. The same material that’s used by NASA to make space suits! Then we use a high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber to suck OUT any excess air. Which is key to sealing IN your food’s ultra-long shelf life. It’s the secret to staying delicious for up to 25 years