E.T Dragon PVS-14 Digital Night Vision Goggle IR Night Vision Monocular



  • [High resolution]CMOS sensor offers clear view up to 2X magnification, provides high resolution colorful images.Infrared illuminators allow observers to see clearly in total darkness.
  • [Clear Vision] Built in infrared illuminator, the visual range can reach 100-180 meters when there is light; it is used in the daytime or at night (turn off the infrared when using in the daytime);
  • [High usability]Helmet attachable;Portable pocket-sized design.
  • [Broad vision]Wide angle design excellent Performance when observing moving targets.New generation of image enhancement tube, greatly enhance the performance of the instrument,can also see the target in almost black.
  • [Products Include]Night vision device * 1, J arm * 1, helmet mount bracket* 1 (without helmet), bag *

    Product Description

    night vision


    This product is a night vision device for observing objects in dark or weak light. With infrared light, the distance beyond 150M can be observed in dark environment.

    The product has digital functions, complete functions, can be used as a telescope in the daytime, full-color output of the display screen; when the infrared light is turned on at night, the complementary light is black-and-white screen, which can take photos and videos of the observed objects, and has its own playback function, and can directly observe the content taken on the equipment.


    Suitable for Night Vision Hunting

    Fully coated lens: Night vision goggles are made of upgraded fully coated lens with excellent optical transmittance,improving the color contrast to restore true color.

    Infrared illuminator : Infrared illuminator allows up to100 meter viewing distance in the dark and offers clear black and white image, which is eye friendly to avoid visual fatigue


    Specification: Magnification: 2X Objective: 28mm Field of view: 6.4° Exit pupil diameter: 14mm Eyes pot distance: 15mm Vseibility regulating range: ±5°C Minimum observation distance: 0.8mm As far as the night viewing distance: >200m Sensor: 1/4”CMOS Horizontal resolution: 420lines Display device: LED Resolution: 330×224 pixel Lighting device: 1R LED Center wavelength: 850mm Working voltage: DV 3V Built in power: AA battery (Not include) Battery endurance: 1.5/2.5h (1R ON/1R OFF) Switch: 1. The power switch 2. Infared illumination Brightness regulation 3.Forced switch infrared lighting. Weight: 260g(without battery) Products Include: Night vision device * 1, J arm * 1, L arm * 1, helmet mount bracket* 1 (without helmet), bag * 1