Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel with Axe, High Carbon Steel Tactical Shovel Camping Shovel Hatchet Combo - 4 Thicken Extension Handles, 20-39.5 Inch Survival



About this item

  • TOUGHEST MILITARY GRADE MATERIAL: The reinforced shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel; its head is tough enough to survive any situation. Additionally, it’s military-grade thicken handle makes it a breeze to work with. Handle abuse and multiple amounts of impact without scratches or dents
  • 24-in-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: Features 24 tools in this convenient folding shovel: shovel board, saw, hatchet, hoe, hexagonal wrench, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, screwdriver, blade, compass, fire starter, whistle, etc… It’s ideal for off-roading, camping, hiking, SUVing, backpacking, fishing, RV camping, and a must-have for expeditionist, cadet, scout, military personnel, hikers, camper, hunter, fisherman, gardener, survivalist, truck driver, motorcyclist, etc.
  • SURVIVAL SHOVEL WITH AXE – The hatchet is made from a strong mix of chromium and high carbon steel. Two of the most rigid metals that can handle any kind of abuse and impact. It’s super sturdy chopping down trees and splitting wood. This shovel has passed the durability tests and our destruction tests and will be standing the test of time
  • SCREW-ON EXTENSIONS BARS – Except for being an ordinary folding shovel, you can extend this shovel to a comfortable size for standing up digging. You can choose the length of the shovel by adding less or more extensions according to your height; Each extension bar is 7.3 inches; The shovel can be from 9.05 inch when folded to 39.5 inches when fully extended 
  • EASE of ASSEMBLY & STORAGE – Let’s face it, some shovels may be a little hard to store in an EDC bag if they are fully assembled. That’s why you’ll need to find a shovel that will be easy to put together and easy to disassemble when you have finished using it and want to store it back in the bag. Folding shovels by Sahara Sailor will likely be your best bet if storage is important
  • Multi-Tool Vs. Dedicated Shovel – Which Is Better?

    Our multi-tool survival shovel comes with a collapsible stock, which screws out in two or three sections. The inside of the tubing is hollow and contains different tool-tips to suit various campsite applications. Some of the common tool-tips included with your multi-tool survival shovel include the following.

    Shovelhead & Axe – Carbon Stainless steel provides a durable and long-lasting edge to it.

    Fire-Steel – A fire-steel and scraper can help you get a spark in any weather, bringing fire to your campsite.

    Knives – Knife heads are handy for gutting fish and other hunting tasks.

    Fishing Spear – Catch your dinner in the stream with a fishing spear that’s accurate and sharp.

    Wrenches and Other Handy Tools – From hex-spanners to screwdrivers, choose tools you need around camp.

    Emergency Whistles – Inform your team members of your location or attract the attention of search parties.

    Compass – Find your way in the wilderness, and never get lost again.

    Ice Axe – Pick your way up the slope in snowy conditions.

    Bottle Openers – Crack a cold one to end the day after a long hike.

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    The Word’s Best Camping Shovel Axe Set

    • Highly versatile
    • Anti-slip grip on the deal
    • Easy to use and assemble
    • Small enough to fit in any day bag
    • Holds up over time and through many uses


    Made to outperform and perfect for every outdoor adventure. The Sahara Sailor Shovel with axe set is the best survival tool for any condition

    Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel With Axe

    • 24-in-1 SURVIVAL TOOL

     ultimate survival tool

    The Ultimate Survival Tool

    Additional Camping Hatchet

    24-in-1 Multifunction Gear

    Ideal for Off-roading, Camping, Hiking, SUVing, Backpacking, Fishing, Disaster Recovery, RV Camping, and a must-have for Expeditionist, Cadet, Scout, Military Personnel, Hikers, Camper, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, Survivalist, Truck driver, Motorcyclist, etc.

    The Ultimate Survival Tool

    Be prepared for anything. The Sahara Sailor tactical shovel is a lifesaving survival tool that’s perfect for any adventure. It’s lightweight and packable, so you can keep it anywhere, from your car to your bug-out bag.EDC,BOB, or camping bag.

    Additional Camping Hatchet

    The hatchet head is made from steel with a hammer at the back. It has an excellent grip and a balanced weight. It chops wood as deftly as it does bone, and the textured grip won’t get all slippy on you when you’re elbow-deep in the underbelly—Perfect for procuring your own dinner from the land that surrounds you.

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    camping knife survival
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