Shadow Cloak Premium Ghillie Suit - Woodland Camo + USA Flag Gift - Triple Stitched Camouflage Clothes for Men, & Youth. Best Gear for Hunting, Military, Sniper Suits



  • CAMOUFLAGE: Considered the highest quality Ghillie Suit with the most coverage on the market today. At over 5 LBS the Cloak uses longer threads with a blend of handpicked woodland colors allowing you to fade into the shadows of the bush or forest.
  • QUALITY: The Shadow Cloak is built with the highest standards. Our unique triple stitched method secures the threads to the body unlike any other suit minimizing shedding, correcting a common problem with cheap suits. BUILT TO LAST!
  • COMFORT: The Shadow Cloak Ghillie Suit is made with comfort in mind. The mesh construction and dense ultra-lightweight thread coverage is breathable allowing for hours of wear in any environment. Our snap button pant leg easily fits over any boot.
  • INCLUDED: 2 sizes for adults and youth. See chart for images and additional details. Each Ghillie Suit comes in a camo mesh carrying bag & includes adjustable draw string pants, with snap button legs, button jacket with attached hood & riffle wrap.
  • WHY US: Shadow Cloak Ghillie Suit has the most stitching reducing thread shedding. Dense layers provide ultimate camo coverage more than other suits on the market. Convenient button leg easily fits over your gear. Bonus USA flag as a thank you!