Wolfe Tactical Polypropylene Crusader Knight Sword - Durable Training Weapon by Propylene Tree



  • Practically Indestructible Polypropylene Material
  • Closely Replicates Weight and Feel of a Steel Weapon
  • Much Higher Durability Compared to Wooden Practice Sword
  • Textured Grip and Great Surface Details Add Function and Style
  • 38.5 inch total sword length – 1 Pound 6 ounces weight
  • Product description


    If you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, or just want to try something new for an upper body workout, you can’t go wrong with a little sword training.

    This sword is made from nearly indestructible polypropylene. The high-impact plastic material is not only durable, but simulates the weight and balance of a steel weapon much better than wood or foam.  If your sword takes a bend, it can even be straightened by bending and holding in the opposite direction.

    A full adult-sized sword such as this one also makes for a great costume or cosplay accessory that will last a life-time. The weight and balance of this weapon makes for a great beginner’s sword, but it’s also versatile enough for an experienced fighter to perform advanced techniques.

    During the Crusades, a sword in this style was quite popular because it resembled a Holy Cross, the symbol of the Christian Religion.  It also looks quite similar to King Arthur’s sword in the film, Excalibur from 1981.